Wood and Metal Paints

Wood and metal paints are specialized coatings designed to adhere to and protect these specific surfaces.

Both wood and metal paints come in a variety of colors and finishes to suit different aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. When choosing paints for wood or metal surfaces, it’s important to consider factors like the intended use, environmental exposure, and compatibility with the substrate for best results.
Professional Synthetic

Synthetic Enamel

Ease of application
with brush and quick drying time are its superior features.Used on all
types of interior and exterior wall
surfaces of buildings, and on any
wooden and metal surfaces with
appropriate primers.


Wood Protector

High degree of penetration and no film on wood surface. It provides a matt breathable finish and blocks the humidity. It is resistant to atmospheric effects.
Pasboyar Hammer

Direct to Rust Hammered Metalic Paint

Coarse-hammer-patterned paint. Its outstanding features include application on sanded and de-rusted surfaces without the need for any primer coat, application on all interior and exterior metal surfaces, perfect adherence and rapid drying time. Resistant to corrosion.